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professional email addresses

it's about communication - email addresses: what do they convey?

Just as the design of your website speaks volumes about your business, so does your choice of email address. Use the wrong email account and you could be turning potential clients away.

Taking a little time to think about how your email looks from the standpoint of the recipient can go a long way towards presenting a professional image.

free email accounts

Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or an account provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) are OK for communicating with friends, or for using as an email address to register with online shopping websites. They are really not suitable for business use.

What a free email account says about you: I don't fully grasp the internet, I've got an email address because I have to, I don't check my email regularly, I'm not comfortable with technology. I'm not professional in the way I conduct my business.

your email handshake

We always set-up email via your domain which comes across as being much more professional.

For the local part of your email address (the part preceding the '@'), we suggest just using your name. We don't care if it's your first name, your last name, or first.last name, as long as it's your name. An Internet pseudonym comes across as unprofessional here.

On the other end of the spectrum, "sales@" or "info@" seem impersonal but they are used for "teams" with no fixed point of contact. Sure, you can establish those addresses to catch the wayward or the cold contacts, but when you give a customer your personal email address it's a good idea to make it like a handshake.

Please contact us for more information or advice.

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